Friday, April 26, 2013

Rider Break! Episode 04: Retrospecting Ryuki

If you do not listen, you will not survive.

This episode was originally released on 5/7/2012

In This Episode: 

• Rider Break! returns after another extended leave of absence!

• Some brief thoughts on Kamen Rider Fourze episodes 23~32!

• A whole lot of nonsense about Ryuki (or more accurately, how bananas everybody went back in 2002 when it was revealed our hero for the year had a grill on his face; how rumors have always been and will always be completely ridiculous; and how at the end of the day, it's not about what everybody else thinks: it's about what I er I mean you think.)

• And oh yeah SPOILER WARNING! if after 10 years you still want to keep Odin's true identity a mystery.

Episodes Notes:

• Music used includes:

"Alive a life" by Rica Matsumoto
"Hatenaki Inochi" by Hiroshi Kitadani
"spinnin' around" by Takashi Hagino

• Part of what took this episode so long is that, quite simply, I had too much to say. I still wanted to keep it around the hour mark (and still went over) and maintain some semblance of coherence. I think I totally failed there. I actually even half-recorded this one before scrapping it and starting over.

Even now, there's a lot of stuff I feel like I didn't get to, and I'm not just talking about Ryuki itself, but things like how fans come and go, but the shows remain (hence why I think calling something "overrated" or relying on fan perception of it is kinda silly, since that'll eventually change. The shows themselves are forever, but what people think of them? Comes and goes like the wind.)

I guess at the end of the day (a phrase I use like, 3 or 4 times in the episode) I really just wanted to get across how you should never just rely on what other people say, even me (although I do appreciate it if you value what I say!) Watch stuff for yourself, and try to find the things you like about it. I do think there's good in every show or movie, at least where Kamen Rider and the vast majority of Tokusatsu is concerned. That was basically what this whole Ryuki experience taught me, and it's the code I've lived by ever since.

Now laugh as you listen to the episode and I completely mangle that message.

• Mentioned frequently on this podcast: HJU Radio! Not mentioned at all this episode: Rising Sun Tokusatsu! (I will aim for it next time.)

• A lot of the other sites I do mention either no longer exist or are in barely working shape anymore (the Yahoo! club thing requires membership and hasn't been active by humans since like, 2006.)

• But as promised, here's the Bandai sales figures, thanks to NeonZ on HJU, who said as follows:

"The numbers pop up on Bandai's financial reports, so they're rather easy to check. Here's the most updated list I've compiled:

Annual numbers (100 million yens):

1999: Rider 25 (Nothing) vs
2000: Rider 118 (Kuuga) vs 
2001: Rider 94 (Agito) vs 
2002: Rider 139 (Ryuuki) vs 
2003: Rider 120 (Faiz) vs Sentai 130 (Abaranger)
2004: Rider 79 (Blade) vs Sentai 116 (Dekaranger) 
2005: Rider 65 (Hibiki) vs Sentai 108 (Magiranger)
2006: Rider 71 (Kabuto) vs Sentai 101 (Boukenger)
2007: Rider 115 (Den-O) vs Sentai 77 (Gekiranger)
2008: Rider 87 (Kiva) vs Sentai 120 (Go-onger)
2009: Rider 140 (Decade) – not from the annual reports, so the number might count some Decade related merch sold during Kiva and Double.*
2009: Rider 175 (Decade – 8 months) + (Double – 4 months)] vs Sentai 105 (Shinkenger)
2010: Rider 230 (W 8 months + OOO 4 months) vs Sentai 92 (Goseiger)
2011: 9 months: 210 (OOO 8 months + Fourze 1 month) vs Sentai 104 (Gokaiger)

Source for Decade by itself is the Japanese wiki, which gives this as the original source: 175 
The link is broken now because the site was bought and restructured by Yahoo."

Yeah, clearly Bandai was in serious financial trouble back then!

• I do still have the Kamen Rider Albatros picture mentioned in this podcast, and will stick it up on tumblr one of these days. It's basically just a poor-quality .jpg publicity still of Odin, but the name still makes me laugh.


00:00 - What did I say about having the speakers turned up too high!?
02:07 - Fourze! Oh yay!
05:19 - This is why I'll never get to make children's TV.
13:33 - The "Ryuki" "talk" "begins"
33:29 - Rider Break Break Time
34:54 - The "Ryuki" "retrospective" "continues"
01:03:50 - If you want to bypass all that other junk and just find out what I think of Ryuki, there you go.
01:12:46 - I felt kinda bad about beating up Asakura so much with the "center of the universe" speech, so here's his theme song. I really do like the guy, honest.

• As always, let me know what topics you'd like to hear in future episodes, and I'll put them on the roster!

• Thanks for listening!

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