Friday, April 26, 2013

Rider Break! Episode 03: A Whole Lotta Catch-Up

Hope you watched Stronger, Ryuki, Faiz & Decade before listening to this...

This episode was originally released on 3/24/2012

In This Episode: 

• The first episode of 2012... almost 3 months in!

• An (out-of-date) explanation for why it's taken so effin' long.

• Rambling thoughts on Fourze episodes 16~23. Also now out-of-date.

• More wonderful questions from fans, which I just used as an excuse to talk about Skyrider.

• A very special episode review of a really popular show I am a complete n00b at.

Episodes Notes:

• Music used includes:

"Let's Go!! Rider Kick 2006" by Hiroshi Fujioka
"Switch On!" by Anna Tsuchiya

• First things first: this episode was an absolute nightmare to complete, which is why it's taken so long to get it out.

The short version is that if this episode sounds a little confused and dated, that's because it is: most of it was recorded back in February. I only just got a chance to finish editing it earlier tonight, as I have really not had the time or energy to do so up until this week.

We've now got a couple more episodes of Fourze out, but I'll cover those next time. The "in a few weeks" stuff can also be ignored, since it's already the end of March and my final class is tomorrow. Maybe I'll have an announcement to make after that!

It's already midnight as I type this up and I've got to get some sleep, so pardon the non-explanation. All I can say is I have the best fans in the world for sticking with me all this time and being as patient and understanding as they are. You guys rock.

Needless to say the wait, for episode 4 (and 5, and 6, and 7...) will be much, much shorter! Fingers crossed.

 If you recognize the music used during the break (between the Kuuga and Fourze bumpers) you are awesome. If you recognize where that particular version is from, you are even more awesome.

• Sites mentioned in this episode are Rising Sun Tokusatsu (yet again) and KITsubs (also yet again.) Check 'em out!

 I also mention that other podcast I'm on sometimes.

 This ended up being a longer episode than I originally thought (honestly, I thought it was under running!) It clocks in at just over an hour and just over 90 mb. I'm still trying these at 192 kbps, but I can try going smaller.

 As I was editing the episode, I kept track of a number of goofs I made or things I failed to mention. These include:

- This episode just kind of assumes you've watched every Kamen Rider series ever since I spoil about 4 or 5 of them. So, um, Spoiler Warning!

- "Astronomy", not "astrology". Though maybe knowing astrology helps too.

- When talking about the returning older Rider actors, keep in mind that to me "older" means "RX and earlier." Also, even though Sugata (ZX) hasn't been back in the flesh since 1984, he provides ZX's voice in Ganbaride, which is pretty cool.

- I do all this talking about combining Kuuga episodes, and totally forgot to mention that they did just that for the "movie" special versions of episodes 1 & 2!

- What I meant to call the "Den-O Trinity" of Den-O/Zeronos/NEW Den-O I call the the "Den-O Trilogy", like the movies.

- As all hardcore Amazon fans know, Fake Amazon is not technically identical since he doesn't have an armband!

- Don't even start with the last 15 minutes or so. I swear my reaction is all genuine, and I have no clue how many there are (just like how I have no clue what I'm talking about.)


00:00 - If you have your speakers up too loud, don't blame me! I warned you!
01:10 - Can you believe this nonsense?
03:30 - Fourze, Fourze and more Fourze.
19:31 - Listener questions!
31:23 - An amazing Kuuga impression
34:27 - Break Time
35:52 - More questions!
56:34 - A very special review
01:06:47 - It's over!

• As always, let me know what topics you'd like to hear in future episodes, and I'll put them on the roster!

• Thanks for listening!

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