Saturday, March 26, 2016

Rider Break! Episode 25: The Last Ride

For the 45th time, Rider Break! returns as Hiroshi Fujioka returns as Takeshi Hongō, who returns after 45 years (maybe?) in the 45th Anniversary movie Kamen Rider 1, as Kamen Rider returns to the big screen and Rider Break! returns as well.

Hongō returns to Japan, meeting faces old and new. Shocker once again looms large, but is now split in two. Despite a beefy new appearance and an updated version of the Cyclone, something is wrong with our hero, and with each breath and battle, the end draws near...

Is this Rider 1's greatest adventure? Is it Hongo's final day? Is this Rider Break's last episode?

There's only one way to find out!

In This Episode: 

 Rider Break! (like somebody in this movie, it turns out) is immortal!

 Once again Craig of The Repacked Podcast joined in to help as I (very badly) recap the movie, and hey, this time we're actually getting it out on time!

 Oh yeah and RIDER SPOILERS!

Episodes Notes:

 Music used includes:

Excerpt from "Let's Go!! Rider Kick -2016 movie ver.-". Get it on Amazon Japan!
A BGM track from the V3 PS1 game.

 As before, Skype recorder was used for most of this, hence the slight drop in audio quality. I wanted to get this one out as soon as possible. This time, I succeeded!

 This episode (which really is 25) marks a transitional phase of sorts for Rider Break!, though it's not going to be immediately obvious here. Wait until next episode (hopefully coming... well, sooner than usual! There may just be a little Q&A involved!)

 Okay, real talk time. As much as I bag on Novashocker's plan for comedic effect, I have only seen the movie once, so it's possible I missed the justification for everything (like why they show up at the beginning to confront actual Shocker in full force yet can still operate as a real company, or what legal loophole they're using to get away with blackmailing everybody face-to-face and not just getting sued/arrested.)

On the other hand, I forgot to mention it at the time, but the way Ghost and Specter are able to locate their base? It's noticed to be the only building with any electric power left and where a huge energy beam is projecting from (this was from the dialogue) so I'm starting to think the rest of Shocker didn't exactly mind losing those guys.

 Yeah yeah yeah I'll do something about Drive in the background (this will make no sense if you're reading this any time after 2016).


00:00 - Speaker-destroying sound time.
Less than a minute in - a badly edited-in appearance from late-afternoon Igadevil.
22:45 - (most) Spoilers for the movie begin!
02:09:25 - The (I believe) longest episode of Rider Break! thus far comes to an end!

 Thanks for listening!

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