Sunday, October 6, 2013

Rider Break! Episode 16: Not From Concentrate

Rider Break! is back with another "live" first reaction, this time to the first episode of Kamen Rider Gaim! Is it a fresh new direction for the series, or did the months of waiting just amount to a crate of old fruit rotting in a run-down warehouse? Expect no clear answer to this question, plus more!

In This Episode: 

 Rider Break! returns to its normal schedule of releasing once in a blue moon, but fortunately in October there will be a few more blue moons. This time, I talk over the entirety of Kamen Rider Gaim episode 1 because if there's one thing everybody loves, it's when people talk over the movie.

 Spoilers for episode 1 of Kamen Rider Gaim because duh.

 And because it's a live first impression commentary recorded at 8 in the morning, expect complete incoherence. You can make a drinking game out of how many times "really" is said in the first 5 minutes alone.

Episodes Notes:

 Music used includes:

"Let's Go!! Rider Kick 2006" by Hiroshi Fujioka (excerpt) Get it on

 The show's soundtrack came from the episodes via a captured stream, so there's some short pauses in the audio. This isn't a really big deal because my comments are a bit delayed anyway (i.e. I note Gaim is riding a horse like 5 seconds after we see him on the horse) but if you're actually attempting to watch this alongside video, it probably won't align perfectly. Ultimately I think the podcast just works on its own, watched with the original episode still fresh in one's mind, though if it does actually go along with the video at all, I'd be happy to know!

Note in advance: I paused for the first two commercial breaks, and didn't say anything really interesting after the belt commercial at the end, hence going right into the wrap-up.

 As mentioned, Wizard 52/53 & the long-delayed Q & A episode will be next. This isn't really a note, but it's worth repeating as a reminder to myself!


00:00 - Watch those speakers!
05:30 - The actual commentary starts around here.
33:30-something - I said it would be short!

 Thanks for listening!

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