Friday, April 26, 2013

Rider Break! Episode 11: Shabadoobie Christmas

It's a kind of magic.

This episode was originally released on 12/25/2012

In This Episode: 

 At long last, I talk about Kamen Rider Wizard. The first 16 episodes, the entire 2012 run of the show, the whole shebang. Wizard, Wizard and nearly nothing but Wizard.

 And that's it! Yes, this is a "Christmas" episode in the way Ryuki's was: Santa's in there somewhere.

 Obviously, spoilers for every episode of Wizard so far, plus minor ones for Faiz, Kiva and the Blade movie (minor as in, if you've never heard of those shows, they could be considered spoilers.)

Episodes Notes:

 Music used includes:

Samples from "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year" by the great Andy Williams
"Life is SHOW TIME" by Kiryūin Shō from Golden Bomber

 The HJU Radio episode I keep referring to can be found here. Also, that's where you can get my thoughts on the last two episodes of Fourze, which I never got around to on RB! proper, but I'll probably revisit some day. Short version: I like 'em a lot.


Because I'm lazy it's Christmas and I need to spend time with loved ones, I'll just give it to you straight: this episode runs just over an hour and is entirely about Wizard. There's a big chunk where I go through the story arcs individually a couple minutes in, but it's otherwise mostly free-flowing.

Thanks for listening, and have a very merry holiday season!

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