Friday, April 26, 2013

Rider Break! Episode 07: It's Far From Being All Over

With time running out and destiny drawing near, Rider Break! ventures into controversial territory with an examination of the last two episodes of Kamen Rider Decade. Three years on, is it still the destroyer of fans, or a misunderstood masterpiece? Also, how many Rider finales can get spoiled while just trying to cover one!?

This episode was originally released on 8/20/2012

In This Episode: 

• Rider Break! returns one more time before another extended leave of absence!

• Some brief thoughts on Kamen Rider Fourze episodes 43~46!

• I once again plug Rising Sun Tokusatsu and fail to provide answers to their questions.

• A frank, honest and open (re: boring) reflection on the Kamen Rider Decade TV finale in both its original and edited incarnations, including complaints about Movie WAR 2010 and a big SPOILER WARNING! as a bunch of other series finales or penultimate episodes are covered (the original, V3, X, Super-1, Kuuga, Agito, Blade, Ryuki, W, OOO, and of course, Decade.)

Episodes Notes:

• Music used includes:

"Let's Go!! Rider Kick 2006" by Hiroshi Fujioka
"Journey through the Decade" by GACKT
"Battle World" (BGM excerpt)

• This is it folks... the final episode of Rider Break! America, anyway. The next episode will be recorded in the land of the rising sun itself! No clue when that'll be, or when you'll hear it, but hopefully, before the end of the year/world/whatever.

• I mention that this will probably be a shorter episode... that turned out to be false! It clocks in at just over an hour & thirteen minutes.

• An extra-big thanks to Lynxara of Low Visibility and HJU fame for inspiring a large chunk of this episode.

• Other podcasts/sites mentioned this episode include:

HJU Radio
Low Visibility
Rising Sun Tokusatsu

• Here's the article about the Decade finale I mention. Check it out, it's a great read.

• Many thanks to all who responded and shared their thoughts on Decade 30~31. Hopefully you guys didn't mind me reading some of them to pad out the episode (which I swear I thought would end up being like 27 minutes long.) Also thanks to all who sent well wishes and congratulations for my upcoming move!

• For some reason the old layout I've been using up until now stopped working back in early July, and if I try to post any links after the embedded mp3 player, everything turns into a jumbled mess. If anybody knows what the deal with that is, let me know. Until then, I'll just stick the embedded player and episode links after the show notes and timestamps from now on to save myself some headaches.


00:00 - Watch that volume!
02:06 - Fourze talk
17:33 - Break time already!? Also, use of "cliffhanger" twice in the same sentence (I did record this at like 3 AM.)
19:04 - Decade episodes 30 & 31 are talked about (sort of) in a nearly hour-long rant that touches upon multiple Rider series finales (all of which I inevitably end up liking no matter how much I try to view them objectively) as well as the nature of a multi-part series ending. The description of how Agito's final battle tells a big story on a small scale is my favorite moment of the episode (36:12) and possibly the show's history so far.
1:13:20 - If you listened to all that, you are a true hero.

• As always, let me know what topics you'd like to hear in future episodes, and I'll put them on the roster!

• Thanks for listening!

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