Thursday, April 25, 2013

Rider Break! Episode 01: Rider Break Begins

The very first episode of Rider Break that you've already heard!

This episode was originally released on 12/10/2011

In This Episode: 

• Igadevil attempts to make a podcast, with disastrous results!

• Very brief talk of Fourze episode 13, a show that is now a week old and everyone and their dog has discussed, so no new insight is given!

• A lot of terrible answers to what are otherwise great questions from loyal fans!

• Promise of me inflicting another of these terrors on you in the near future!

Episodes Notes:

• Music used includes:

"Let's Go!! Rider Kick 2006" by Hiroshi Fujioka
"rebirth" by Hironari Amano

• This is something I'd been thinking about doing for a while, after getting a few requests to do some kind of addendum podcast to my appearances on HJU Radio, which I'm still really humbled by.

• As I mention on the episode, it's still very much a work-in-progress. While I fly solo this time, in the future I would love to have assorted guest hosts or a panel or somesuch, since it's a little more exciting than listening to me drone on for hours. So I tried to keep this one short, and it still wound up being like 50 minutes (with the "break" nowhere near the middle. We operate at the highest level!)

• The name "Rider Break" comes from Skyrider's signature move. I always wanted to use it for something, as way back when it was the name for the section of my site where I just threw whatever the heck I wanted, before the entire site basically became that.

• The site I mention that I almost forget the name of is Rising Sun Tokusatsu. Check them out, they're great guys.


00:00 - Don't have your speakers up too loud!
02:27 - Brief thoughts on Fourze episode 13
04:30 - Questions from readers!
13:30 - Inexplicable break and Igadevil trying to be clever by inserting movie trailer that makes no sense without visuals
14:11 - More questions from readers!
50:58 - Thank God that's over with. Enjoy Tachibana (no not that one, the other one. No not him either, the Blade on) singing you out.

• Please go easy on me for the amateurish quality of this, I'm still learning.

• Let me know what topics you'd like to hear in future episodes, and I'll put them on the roster! If I ever do another one of these, that is.

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